You can look but about a week from now you’re gonna be down on your knees trying to find where your testicles rolled off to.

The Knick - 1x07 - Get The Rope


sometimes I think of how sammy at thirty has a big brother who still takes care of him and cooks for him and looks at him like he’s four and the cutest little brother on earth

and I think of how dean at thirty-five has never fathered a child most men at thirty-five have, but still has a kid who still looks at him sometimes like he’s the answer to everything, whom he raised with every bit of love he’s ever had, who loves him and needs him as big brother best friend dad mom everything

and then I just



i love this exchange.

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Phantom faces at the window, phantom shadows on the floor. Empty chairs at empty tables where my friends will meet no more.


peeta has never been more proud of himself than he has at this moment


MCU + Most Heartbreaking Moments [one | two]

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A Harry Potter AU where everything’s exactly the same, except the house elves look like Lord of the Rings elves and Dobby’s, like, played by Orlando Bloom. But they’re still not allowed to have clothes

orlando bloom hitting himself in the face with a lamp

twelve year old Daniel Radcliffe shoving a nearly-naked Orlando Bloom into his closet

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